Joomla! 4.0 will ship with Bootstrap 5

For the last 2 years, the Production Leadership Team has been closely monitoring the progress of the Bootstrap project in regards to its next major release, Bootstrap 5. We do have a big interest in shipping Joomla with the latest and greatest versions of the libraries and frameworks we use. Because of the problems which arose after the release of Joomla 3 and Bootstrap 2, we were very torn on how to proceed on this front.
Switching the major version of a framework like this is not an easy decision and we want share the arguments which we have had to consider:

  • Bootstrap 5 currently is in beta stage. Should we take the risk of relying on a non-stable release? Should we, in the worst case, ship with an unstable version of this framework?
  • Joomla 4 itself is in beta stage and we promised not to introduce any breaking changes from here on.
  • What is the benefit of using the newer version? (See, 5 New Features in Bootstrap 5, Bootstrap 5 vs Bootstrap 4 – What’s New & What Changed?, Difference between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5) How do our users and (third party) developers benefit from this?
  • Bootstrap 4 has jQuery whereas Bootstrap 5 is independent of jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4 needs us to deal with the right to left languages where as Bootstrap 5 deals with the RtL and LtR changes
  • How long will a conversion take? In the past, especially design changes took far longer than expected and delayed the project by years. Do we take the risk that 90% can be done quickly, but the last 10% takes us many months of work?
  • Could we possibly introduce this change in a later, minor release?
  • Can we put the additional load on third party extension developers to rewrite their extensions to use this new Bootstrap 5? Many have already invested quite some time into migrating from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 4. How much more work would that be?
  • How much delay (if any) are we willing to accept?


Especially in the last 2 meetings of the PLT, we have had intense discussions about this and initially we leaned towards not switching the version. However the work of Dimitris Grammatiko informed our opinion. It turned out that changing the version could be done faster and easier than expected. Inspired by that PR, George Wilson tested this out for the CSS as well and with him making fast progress, we are now leaning towards doing this switch here and now.


Joomla 4 already has many great features to ship with.
Developers will have the benefit of a next generation CSS framework decoupled from jQuery and packed with the features they need to make their extensions perform at their best. It will make integration with other frameworks easier.
Joomla 4 will also benefit from Right to Left support, all reasons to embrace this change.
The upgrading to Bootstrap 5 will finish off the work of building a new major Joomla version with an up to date CSS framework and ensure the longevity of the J4 release well into the future.

We wish all well, stay safe and healthy.

Joomla4 SEO optimize - A Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2021 - Update

What is Joomla SEO?

Joomla SEO is the practice for optimizing your Joomla site to boost its conversion and ranking. It's not a small task because search engine bots are getting smarter and if you do not optimize your page, you are sure to drop your traffic.

 Joomla 4 Template

How to Create Joomla 4 Template (2021)

Joomla 4 Cassiopeia frontend template is the new default Joomla template specially designed and developed for Joomla 4. Already in the latest alpha releases of Joomla 4, we have experienced Cassiopeia template. Lots of amazing features and awesome functionalities have been introduced in Joomla 4. Among them is the Cassiopeia template. Today we are going see how we can do basic customizations in the Cassiopeia template.


which one Joomla Template Framework compatible joomla 4 ?


 T4 Joomla Template Framework

Highly functional Joomla template framework with advanced features and a friendly admin panel.  Fully Responsive Design  T4 is a fully responsive Joomla template framework based on the Bootstrap 4's powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes.  Bootstrap 4 Integration  Integrated with full features and components from Bootstrap to standardize your grid, typography, and modules with less effort.  CSS & JS optimization  CSS and JS optimization options help compress almost all the template's CSS and Javascripts and relevant Joomla's files to improve website performance.   Custom Code  You can insert any CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes to specific tags using the custom code option.  Color palettes  Color palettes are a set of color setting: background, text, link, link hover to helps user customize style faster and easier.  Addons  Enable or disable font icons like Font awesome, Iconmoon and options to add custom addons to load specific CSS and JS files.



Gantry Joomla framework

Gantry Joomla framework is the true open source framework for making Joomla based websites and templates by RocketTheme. It provides good speed and optimum performance because of the compresses CSS & JS files. The documentation is unambiguous & detailed for each level of users of the Gantry template framework.  With excellent designs both at front-end and back-end, the new version of Gantry consist of features like unlimited items per row, unlimited rows per section, powerful particle system, easy widget position placement, resize items with simple sliders enables you to customize the layout of the page even more. Also, It has a flexible layout and visual menu editor with 65 module positions and a 960 grid-system.



Helix Ultimate 

Helix Ultimate is a star product and one of the most popular Joomla template frameworks by Joomshaper. Helix is extremely easy to use and requires less time for the developer to get accustomed to the framework. Especially for corporate and business Helix Joomla framework offers over 40 modules and plenty of options for the website layout sites.  It has separated the column blocks that you can adjust to offer a clear layout. Also, you will get features like responsive layout, cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized, and user-friendly interface and many more likely features, which is a must-have in an ethical framework. You can easily insert logo, menu, six necessary tables in the back end with the parameters.

Joomla 4

Joomla 4 - release date, new features, [Joomla 4 Templates] -update 17 Aug 2021

joomla 4 release date

 ---------------- update 30 Mar 2021 -------------------

Joomla 4 Beta 7 and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 5 Ready for Testing

Joomla 4 Beta 7 and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 5 are available. You're welcome to download, install and test the package to improve quality assurance for the forthcoming 4.0 release and to discover the new features introduced in this major release.

Highlight Differences between Beta 7 and Beta 6  Joomla 4 Beta 7 contains:      An upgrade from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 in response to the community initiated discussions on GitHub.


Joomla 3.10 Alpha 5

Along with Joomla 4 Beta 7, the 5th alpha version of Joomla 3.10 also is carried out.  Joomla 3.10 is the bridge between Joomla 4 and Joomla 3.x. Joomla 3.10 stable will primarily be a release containing backports of API changes from the Joomla 4 development branch to help ease the transition to the next major release for the community. Joomla 3.10 will be supported for 2 years after it has been finally released. A new feature is introduced in Joomla 3.10 is the Joomla Update component to help you with your mini-migration process: the Pre-Update Checker.  Once your website is updated to 3.10, the pre-update checker will allow you to check the compatibility with the Joomla 4.0 minimum requirements in terms of the current hosting environment and, more importantly, your installed extensions. This will help you migrate to Joomla 4.0 smoothly.  Joomla 4 is on the go with Beta release. We will update all our Joomla templates, Joomla extensions to Joomla 4 as soon as the stable release.




What is the difference between Beta 3 and Beta 4?

Joomla 4 Beta 4 contains:

    Various bug fixes around the functionality of the CSP Plugin
    Improved our icomoon to fontawesome mapping (shoutout to Hans Kuijpers and Troy Hall for their continued teamwork on this)
    Added some code to handle nested templates as a preparatory step for future Joomla 4.x releases
    Added back the custom_data field to the extensions table (as a direct result of developer feedback)
    Increased test coverage of the API
    Over 100 bugs squashed!

We invite you to test this version and will be very grateful to receive all feedback you can provide, in addition to reporting issues and bugs in the Joomla CMS Issue Tracker.

In order to update from Joomla 4.x to any newer release please make sure you configure your Joomla Update Components Options to point to the Update Channel “Testing” and set the Minimum Stability to “Beta” this setting also now supports updates between pre-releases. Specifically for upgrading to beta 4 please also read the following link:

For a complete list of known backward compatibility issues for version 4.0, please see Potential backward compatibility issues in Joomla 4.0 in the documentation site.


Can I update my website from 3.9.x to Joomla 4 Beta 4?

The simple answer here is yes. Not on a production site of course, but if you want to test the update to Joomla 4, now you can.

Upgrade notice: Due to merging both a preparatory step for an upcoming Joomla 4.1 feature and adding back the custom_data property - there will be issues upgrading from beta 3 to beta 4. You’ll need to run a small amount of SQL before you make the upgrade - this is on the following documentation page:

In order to upgrade from 3.9.x to Joomla 4, you have to go via the latest 3.10 alpha at this point. There is no direct upgrade path between 3.9 and 4.x planned nor supported. All upgrades go via 3.10.

For the upgrade please follow these steps:

    Go to the Joomla Update Component Options and switch the Update Channel to “Testing” and the Minimum Stability option to “Alpha”.
    Update to 3.10 alpha2 using the Joomla Update Component.
    After you have updated to 3.10 alpha 2 please switch the Update Channel to “Custom URL” and set the Custom URL to “”
    Now you get the update to the latest 4.0 beta release.
    Please carefully check the results you get from the pre-update checker in terms of your environment and specify your installed extensions before upgrading.
    After the upgrade please switch back to the “Testing” Update Channel with the “Beta” minimum stability to get future updates between Joomla 4 betas.

Do you need more details on the upgrade process? You’ll find them in the documentation.


18th October 2019 , Till now, there are only Alpha versions have been released with its latest version come out on 18th October 2019: Joomla 4.0 Alpha 12.


What’s new in Joomla 4?

We are firmly committed to making the next generation of Joomla the best. Joomla 4 will provide simplicity and a better user experience while also being a more powerful system for developers.

Here is a short list of Joomla 4 key features and benefits we intend to implement:

   - Install Joomla in the blink of an eye. An easier, faster and more user friendly install process
   - Brand new User Interfaces (backend and frontend) to provide a new and improved experience
   - The web is for all. We aim to ensure that the templates are accessible (Level AA of WCAG 2.1)
   - A fully rebuilt Media Manager with a cleaner User Interface and new image editing capabilities
   - A new Publishing Workflow to manage your articles in an advanced and customisable way
   - Web Services to allow you to make your content accessible to other websites and for easy mobile app creation
   - New security features such as support for prepared SQL statements
   - HTML Mail Templates to allow easy customisation of the emails your site sends
   - An improved and expanded Command Line Interface (CLI)
   - A cleaner and more powerful codebase. With the removal of deprecated functions from Joomla 3.x and the use of PHP namespaces that allows developers to deliver more robust and innovative applications than ever before
   - The power of the Joomla Framework merged into the CMS
   - An enhanced event dispatching system
   - And much more!


Joomla 4 Templates