Joomla 4 Template

How to Create Joomla 4 Template (2021)

Joomla 4 Cassiopeia frontend template is the new default Joomla template specially designed and developed for Joomla 4. Already in the latest alpha releases of Joomla 4, we have experienced Cassiopeia template. Lots of amazing features and awesome functionalities have been introduced in Joomla 4. Among them is the Cassiopeia template. Today we are going see how we can do basic customizations in the Cassiopeia template.


which one Joomla Template Framework compatible joomla 4 ?


 T4 Joomla Template Framework

Highly functional Joomla template framework with advanced features and a friendly admin panel.  Fully Responsive Design  T4 is a fully responsive Joomla template framework based on the Bootstrap 4's powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes.  Bootstrap 4 Integration  Integrated with full features and components from Bootstrap to standardize your grid, typography, and modules with less effort.  CSS & JS optimization  CSS and JS optimization options help compress almost all the template's CSS and Javascripts and relevant Joomla's files to improve website performance.   Custom Code  You can insert any CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes to specific tags using the custom code option.  Color palettes  Color palettes are a set of color setting: background, text, link, link hover to helps user customize style faster and easier.  Addons  Enable or disable font icons like Font awesome, Iconmoon and options to add custom addons to load specific CSS and JS files.



Gantry Joomla framework

Gantry Joomla framework is the true open source framework for making Joomla based websites and templates by RocketTheme. It provides good speed and optimum performance because of the compresses CSS & JS files. The documentation is unambiguous & detailed for each level of users of the Gantry template framework.  With excellent designs both at front-end and back-end, the new version of Gantry consist of features like unlimited items per row, unlimited rows per section, powerful particle system, easy widget position placement, resize items with simple sliders enables you to customize the layout of the page even more. Also, It has a flexible layout and visual menu editor with 65 module positions and a 960 grid-system.



Helix Ultimate 

Helix Ultimate is a star product and one of the most popular Joomla template frameworks by Joomshaper. Helix is extremely easy to use and requires less time for the developer to get accustomed to the framework. Especially for corporate and business Helix Joomla framework offers over 40 modules and plenty of options for the website layout sites.  It has separated the column blocks that you can adjust to offer a clear layout. Also, you will get features like responsive layout, cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized, and user-friendly interface and many more likely features, which is a must-have in an ethical framework. You can easily insert logo, menu, six necessary tables in the back end with the parameters.